Prospective Vendors Policy

Prospective Vendor Policy

Updated 11/17/2022

A prospective vendor is requested by a Connecting Waters Charter Schools parent and/or “sponsored” by a Connecting Waters Charter Schools staff member.  The CWCS parent can request the electronic form link from their Education Specialist, and then review the prospective services and/or product materials with their ES to ensure the request meets the schools educational and business eligibility criteria.  The parent and/or staff member should not submit the prospective vendor request form for a business that does not meet the eligibility requirements.  A prospective vendor request that is submitted, and then determined by Business Services not currently and/or unable to meet all eligibility criteria will be denied.


Eligible Vendor: If the prospective vendor meets all of the educational and business eligibility criteria, the prospective vendor can receive a vendor agreement packet by email, fax, or mail.  Once all required documents listed in the vendor packet, including all CWCS instructor(s) clearances, and a signed contract agreement is submitted back to Vendor Relations the business’ contact person, referring CWCS parent, and sponsoring staff member will receive a “New Vendor Welcome” email stating PO(s) can be submitted by the family’s ES.  Services rendered prior to the date of the ‘official’ notification will not be paid by the school.  


Non-Eligible Vendor: If the prospective vendor does not currently, or is unable to meet the vendor requirements listed below the request, will be denied.  The referring parent and sponsoring staff member will receive an email from Business Services Vendor Relation’s assistant providing an explanation for what requirements could not be met at the time of review. The prospective vendor has the opportunity to reapply once all the applicable criteria requirements are met.


Effective January 1, 2020, CA Legislature AB 5 revised Employment and Labor Codes for classifying an Independent Contractor. Mistakenly classifying an individual as an Independent Contractor can result in significant fines and penalties to the school by the IRS.  A business license or permit to sell does NOT necessarily meet AB 5 (ABC test) requirements.  If a sole proprietor’s local city or county agency does not require a business license a copy of Schedule C Form 1040 Profit and Loss may be submitted in place of the license and reviewed case by case. If an individual does not meet the CA Independent Contractor AB 5 Employment and Labor Law requirements, you may be eligible to work with our Human Resource Department to determine if you qualify as a small group instructor (SGI) employee. Contact [email protected] requesting the eligibility criteria and how to apply as a Small Group Instructor / Tutor employee.


Effective January 1, 2022, CA Legislature AB 130 revised the language in Education Code section 45125.1 to clearly state that any entity (Vendor) contracted by the School should be performing valid LiveScan criminal state and federal background checks for all of their employees who interact with students through the State of California Department of Justice (DOJ), and can require that the entity (Vendor) contracted by the School is to share subsequent arrest/conviction information of its employees.  If the vendor is a sole proprietor, CWCS can perform and provide the school’s DOJ LiveScan Application form; however, the cost of fingerprinting is the responsibility of the prospective Vendor and to be completed at a (DOJ) LiveScan Fingerprinting Agency.


Effective January 1, 2015 Education Code, Sections 49406 and 87408.6 and the California Health and Safety Code, Sections 1597.055 and 121525, 121545, and 121555: TB Negative Clearance or Certificate of Completion (obtained within four years of the current date) are required for all individuals who provide in-person services to students. 


Liability Insurance requirement for an Independent Contractor, all service vendors in-person and/or online are required to maintain and provide CWCS with proof of a certificate of insurance (COI) evidencing a minimum of $1,000,000.00 in liability coverage for each occurrence and $2,000,000.00 aggregate as well as an Additional Insured Endorsement naming Connecting Waters Charter Schools as an Additional Insured on the policy.


Services located in the vendor’s home, will be reviewed case-by-case. If business meets all eligibility criteria then an in-person or online home visit will be completed by the school’s Executive Director or Designee. In addition, the prospective vendor must be able to meet CWCS in-home safety requirements. A home safety inspection criteria document will be provided to the eligible vendor prior to scheduling the visit.  If the prospective business becomes a vendor the school can schedule in-home safety visit(s) throughout the school year.

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