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Connecting Waters Contact List

Jerri Levers

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your interest in Connecting Waters Charter Schools. As you read the enclosed materials and go to our website at, you will see that our schools are truly unique! What sets Connecting Waters Charter Schools apart from other schools is our commitment to parent choice. Providing optimum parent choice is the cornerstone of all of Connecting Waters' schools programs.

Why are we such strong advocates for parent choice? We know that every child is different, with unique interests, abilities and learning needs. We believe that you, the parent, know your child best! For this reason, you are the best suited to make choices about your child's education.

If you choose to take on this responsibility, our fully-credentialed Education Specialist will be there to help you every step of the way. Our teachers have a wide range of knowledge about curriculum, educational philosophies and teaching methods to meet each student's individual needs. Our Education Specialist will help you make decisions on how best to teach your child each subject. For example, you may choose to have your child learn math using a traditional textbook, completing in-depth math projects, enrolling in an online computer class, or even forming small-group classes with other Connecting Waters students and a qualified teacher. And, our program is flexible; the methods you choose from can change at any time as your child's needs change.

As you read about our schools, please keep in mind that CW's staff works in partnership with our parents to achieve your child's educational goals. Connecting Waters has created the classes and learning opportunities that our parents have requested. Our schools have grown quickly due to the passionate commitment of our parents. This "grass-roots" movement has proven successful since 2002. As our numbers increase, along with the programs our parents help create, more opportunities await future Connecting Waters students than ever before. Our schools can be all that our parents dream of. With Connecting Waters, we are only limited by our imagination!

I wish you great success in finding the best learning environment for your child.


Jerri Levers

Executive Director/CEO

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