EE Portfolio Reviews Minimum Requirements and Procedures a-g Courses

English, Math, Science, Social Studies, VAPA, Foreign Language

1) Class Requirements

  • Employee

  • Vendor

  • EEvendors must respond to students' inquiries about school work and assignments within 24 hrs. Those who do not respond to students or parents inquiries within 24 hours will be removed from the EE approved list.

  • Email the ES if any problem arises.

  • Follow the guidelines below for curriculum, attendance, and portfolio assignments.

2) Curriculum

  • The primary texts and portfolio samples from students should come from curriculum that could be purchased by CW.

3) Syllabus/Pacing Guide

The syllabus/pacing guide can be created by a parent or ES, but it must be approved by the EE. It should explain course requirements and include weekly assignments, and assessments. The pacing guide may be created in SIS or printed from the department class syllabi. The syllabus/pacing guide must correlate with the CA grade level/course content standards. See the link under Curriculum on this page for State Standards.

  • It is important for students to begin their coursework when the semester opens. Do not let them wait for the initial EE meeting.

4) ttendance

An EE meets with the student at least two times during the semester to discuss requirements, answer student questions, and teach key content standards.

5) Portfolio

  • Five assignments will be collected for each student. The 5th assignment is a final exam or project.

  • The assignments are specific to each department. Follow the links to the specific assignments for each department:


Math Department

Science Department

Social Studies

Performing Arts - Music, Dance, Theater

Visual Arts

  • The ESs will submit the assignments to the EE. For the fall semester, provide two assignments by 10/13/17 and two more by 12/1/17. For the spring semester, collect two assignments by 2/26/18 and two more by 5/4/18.

  • The EE will give specific instructions about submitting the final exam/project before the end of each semester.

6) Assessment

General high school courses require a final exam or significant project each semester.

  • Math & Science courses: Final exam each semester.

  • English, Social Studies, VAPA, Foreign Language: One semester a final and the other semester a final or significant project.

7) Grading

ES submits Progress Report grade into SIS by Progress Report deadlines (One grade per quarter). EE will determine the overall course grade and enter in SIS by the report card deadline.

Suggested grading:

  • 50% ES/Parent Progress Report; 25% Portfolio Assignments; 25% Final Exam/Project

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