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Visual and Performing Arts: Frequently asked question

What is VPA? This acronym stands for Visual and Performing Arts. These are two different categories in the arts and the requirements for students are not the same. Here is the link from the state. Visual and Performing Arts CA Standards

Visual Arts is an art course- students study and identify the elements and principles of design using a variety of mediums while creating art. They also learn how about art criticism, art history, and evaluating their work as well as others

Performing Arts, on the other hand, are the arts that are performed - dance, theater, or music.

If a student of mine is taking music, dance, or theater lessons does that count as performing arts? Taking a music, dance, or theater course is only a partial portion of the requirements needed to qualify as standards based course. There are other areas of the standards that need to be addressed. Students are required to participate in a performance, learn the historical content of their subject, observe and write about a cultural events and be able to criticize a performance. This is detailed on CWCS website, under Departments Visual and Performing Arts Performing Arts

If the student is taking Music, then a music theory workbook is required. These can be ordered at Alfred Publishing. It is recommended the student get a theory book in their musical instrument that has a cd with it so they can listen as well as view theory. This also gives you great samples for your portfolios.

Can my student take 10 units of Visual or Performing Arts in one semester? This is not encouraged - it is not easy to complete 10 units in one semester, especially if materials or supplies are not ordered ahead of time.

How do I ask for an EE to oversee my student in these classes? Be specific in your request for what class you need to have a EE. Please do not state "I need a EE for VPA." That is too broad. An example would be: Are you willing to be my EE for a student that needs Music Standards A? He is taking piano lessons once a week. The student has a music theory workbook and cd ordered from Alfred Publishing.

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