Textbooks for Visual and Performing Arts

General students - There is a wealth of textbooks available to achieve the standards for this class. Here are some favorite recommendations: Visual Experience by Davis Publication, Art Talk by Glencoe, Artistic Pursuit 1, 978-1-939394-08-8 $47.95 and Artistic Pursuit Book 2 - 978-1-939394-09-5 $47.95;

Art Set (1 semester) by Starline Press order at Rainbow Resources 055688 $94.95

Performing Arts - To receive Special Interest required on a transcript, students need to be simultaneously enrolled in a performance based class, as well as achieving the standards through textbook or course study. (See specifics for the requirements below).


General students- Part of the standards requirements to receive credit in this class is to understand Music Theory. It is important to know the elements of music, scales, intervals, and music history. If your instructor does not have a theory booklet for you, then you will need to purchase one. Recommendation: Order from Alfred Publishing. Get a theory workbook with a CD that is specific to the form of music you are studying. Music theory will be on the final spring semester. Starline Press also offers a one semester course titled Music, order from Rainbow Resources Item# 055695 $94.95


Theatre - Textbook used is Glencoe Theatre: Art in Action ISBN: 9780078807763 $74.25. There is a great online portion that goes along with this book. To receive 5 credits student should plan on completing 6 chapters of the text per semester.

General students - the above text is not required, but highly recommend. (Students can achieve all of the California standards by using an aligned text). If the student does not use a standards aligned curriculum book, then the ES's will need to work with the parent to supplement curriculum to meet the standards. Other options are: Starline Press - Theatre set from Rainbow resources item # 055702 $157.95 - full year with 10 booklets


General students - Although no textbooks are required for this class the ES and parents need to make sure that all standards are met. These include:

Development of Motor Skills and Technical Expertise, Comprehension and analysis of dance elements, dance vocabulary, dance vocabulary, creative expression - creating, performing and participating in dance, historical and cultural context - development of dance, history of dance, diversity of dance, description, analysis, and criticism of dance, and careers in dance. Highly recommended a Dance Journal from Barnes and Noble which is the reflective piece of the standards.

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