EE Portfolio Reviews for a-g Math Classes: Policies and Procedures

(adapted from CWCS EE Portfolio Reviews Minimum Requirements)

These procedures apply to EE oversight for the following a-g Math courses:

Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trig/Pre-Calculus, Calculus

1) General Requirements & Expectations:

  • The course must follow the UC approved curriculum/course outline
  • A minimum of one hour per week must be direct instruction with tutor and/or parent
  • Students must submit at least 4 assessments during the semester
    • The EE will provide the assessments to ensure alignment with standards covered on the final exam
  • a-g students will be required to take a proctored final exam (parents may not proctor the final)
  • Students must meet the guidelines below for curriculum, attendance, and portfolio assignments

2) Curriculum & Pacing Guide

  • For all a-g math portfolio reviews, students will be responsible for demonstrating mastery of the material through the assessments provided by the EE. It is encouraged that students follow the EE's pacing guide to ensure they are prepared for these assessments, including the final exam.
  • All a-g portfolio reviews must follow the UC approved curriculum/course outline and adheres to the current CA state standards. The assessments for each course will be based on the following approved a-g texts:
    • Algebra 1: Algebra 1 Analyze, Connect, Explore, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 9780544206991
    • Geometry: Geometry, Holt McDougal 2012, 9780547647098
    • Algebra 2: Algebra 2, Holt McDougal 2012, 9780547647074
    • Trig/PreCalculus: PreCalculus With Limits: A Graphing Approach, 9781305071711
    • Calculus: Calculus of a Single Variable (AP Edition) 11th edition, 9781337286909

3) Grading

  • The EE will determine the overall course grade and enter it in SIS by the report card deadline.
  • The overall grade will be determined according to these categories and weights:
    • 10% Attendance/Check-Ins
    • 25% Portfolio Assignments
    • 25% Final Exam
    • 40% ES Progress Report


  • Students must check in with the EE at least 5 times during the semester. During each check-in, students may be asked to submit questions, discuss recent learning, participate in additional learning activities, and receive feedback on submitted assignments. The first check-in will take place shortly after the student has been enrolled in a portfolio review.
  • Check-ins will account for 10% of the student's overall grade.
  • The student should complete their check-in with the EE by the 10th of each month (excluding August and January). should be submitted via Google Forms, as provided by the EE:
    Sept. 10
    Oct. 10
    Nov. 10
    Dec. 10
    Feb. 10
    Mar. 10
    Apr. 10
    May 10


  • At least five assignments will be collected for each student. The final assignment is a final exam.
  • The assignments are specific to each math course. The assignments will be given by the EE and posted on the class page. It is ultimately the ES's responsibility to be sure these assignments are being submitted.

Final Exam

  • The EE will give specific instructions about submitting the final exam before the end of each semester.
  • As per a-g guidelines, the final exam must be proctored by CWCS staff
  • The EE will provide a study guide for students to review for the final exam.

ES Progress Report

  • The ES submits the Quarterly Progress Report grades by the deadlines in the ES Timetable (one grade per quarter).
  • This grade reflects the daily homework and learning activities that the student is completing according to the Pacing Guide .
  • It should NOT include the Assignments/Assessments submitted to the EE; those are in a separate category.
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