CWCS Approved RtI Tier 3 Intensive Intervention Options

The following options have been approved for Connecting Waters Charter School's RtI Program for Intensive Instructional Support for struggling students scoring at or below grade level in Reading and/or Math foundational skills as assessed by the i-Ready reading and math diagnostics. Tier 3 can be determined by multiple measures, including norm referenced assessments below the 26th percentile or criterion referenced assessments showing a lack of necessary concept mastery at the student's grade level.


i-Ready is proven to be effective based on Scientific Research, IF the program is used with fidelity, the way the program was intended to be used.

Usage Requirements:

For students who did not score on-level in all domains, ESs will be required to check student usage in the Computer Aided Instructional (CAI) program no less than every 5 school days and/or review the instructor's weekly attendance sheet if the student is participating in a Developmental Class. Any student who has not completed the minimum number of minutes (45 minutes per subject) for the 5 day period will need to be contacted by the ES. ESs must work with families to ensure the usage of the CAI is a top priority along with core daily instruction. Students who did not score on-level in each domain and who have not worked with fidelity for more than 20 school days will be required to enroll in the corresponding developmental course based on their grouping placement.


i-Ready is designed to target students who need extra support in foundational skills. Math content is through grade 8. It is also designed to accelerate students who need or want more challenging concepts.

What is Response to Instruction (RtI)?

Response to Instruction, commonly referred to as RtI, is a multi-level approach often used to identify students who are struggling and to provide the support necessary to help them succeed. RtI is usually separated into three levels or RtI tiers:

RtI Tier 1 is general education. It is important that this instruction is research-based and/or state-aligned, following the Common Core standards. Students in Tier 1 are performing on or above grade level. The domains are noted in green on the iReady diagnostic report, but care should be taken by the ES to review the i-Ready Scale Score Placement Charts to ensure the student has indeed scored at grade level in each of the domains/strands.

RtI Tier 2 is targeted and strategic instruction given to students. Students who do not respond to Tier 2 instructions are assigned into Tier 3 instruction and are given more intensive support and instruction. Tier 2 domains and are noted in yellow on the iReady diagnostic report.

RtI Tier 3 is more intensive and often done on an individual (personalized) basis and is usually for students more than one grade level below and lacking foundational skills at their grade level. Tier 3 domains are noted in red on the iReady diagnostic report.

The below descriptions may help parents and ESs decide which option is a best fit for their students.

Option 1: Your student will use the online Computer Adapted Instructional practice daily (45 minutes per week) using the iReady reading and/or math program.

Option 2: If your student needs additional instructional support, your student may enroll in one of our Developmental Reading or Developmental Math classes that meet 3x per week online where iReady resources will be used to address your student's foundational skills.

Option 3: You may enroll your student in the AESS-I option which will entail meeting with your ES at least once per week to engage in the iReady activities. This option is subject to approval and should only be considered if the first two options are not suitable for the student's situation.

iReady Reading & Math


Publisher: Curriculum Associates



Sample Lessons

Scroll down to select View Sample Lessons to get to math and reading lessons.

Following the completion of the diagnostic assessments, a lesson pathway is created for students to follow.

This program is Computer Aided Instruction (CAI).

Built for the Common Core, i-Ready combines a valid and reliable growth measure and individualized instruction in a single online product. Diverse student groups-from those who need the highest levels of intervention to those who need very little intervention beyond regular classroom instruction-experience success with i-Ready because it is truly adaptive to learners at all levels of development and because the structure of the program supports different types of learners.

Adaptive Diagnostic

  • The adaptive Diagnostic gets to the root causes of student challenges and tailors appropriate, specific differentiated instruction for all.
  • Data from the adaptive Diagnostic informs and places students into the appropriate RtI tiers.

Easy-to-read Student Reports

  • Reports identify instructional gaps and provide clear, concise, and immediate next steps in order to increase student gains.

Intervention Screener Report

  • Data from i-Ready Diagnostic generates the Intervention Screener Report, which places students in appropriate RtI tiers, quickly identifying those students who need remediation.
  • The Intervention Screener Report also gives administrators a clear indication of overall performance and the scope and scale of intervention needed.

Powerful Student Online and Flexible Teacher-Led Instruction

  • Online lessons automatically place students into instruction at their level based on the results from the Diagnostic. This provides targeted instruction prioritizing the highest areas of need.
  • Instruction available in the form of lesson plans and through the digital access of Ready provides flexible grouping options, delivering both on and off-grade level lessons, and reinforces student online instruction.

Grade Levels: K-12 (Instructional content is through grade 8; Assessment Content is Kindergarten through Grade 12)

Ordering Information: All students will have automatic access to this program as this is our school's required local assessment and intervention instructional support.

i-Ready System Requirements (PDF)

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