Instructional Level Descriptions

Core Instruction:

  • Sometimes referred to as Tier 1
  • Differentiated Instruction with Universal Access; High Quality Instruction; High Expectations; Assessment & Data Collection; Problem Solving Approach
  • Examples: Collections, Journeys, All About Reading, Go Math, Math in Focus...

Supplemental Instruction:

  • Can also be "test prep", "concepts and skills review" materials, or ancillary products such as corresponding workbooks
  • Academic support model; curriculum/instruction used to improve student retention and success within targeted historically difficult courses or skills
  • Examples: Study Island, Wowzers, Khan Academy, spelling workbooks, writing workbooks, extra practice...

Strategic Instruction:

  • Sometimes referred to as Tier 2
  • In Addition to Tier 1 Core Instruction: More Time, More Focus, Possible Scientific Research-Based Interventions; Strategic Instructional Strategies; Continuous Progress Monitoring
  • Examples: Can include Supplemental or Intensive Curriculum & Instruction, but usually consists of instructional strategies

Intensive Instruction:

  • Sometimes referred to as Tier 3 (CWCS Approved RtI Options 1-3)
  • Increased Frequency & Duration; Scientific Research Based Intensive Interventions (curriculum); Continuous Progress Monitoring

Example: iReady

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